Finding Something Friday on Memorial Day and The Internets

When I opened Precious the Laptop this morning, everything seemed fine. Seemed being the operative word here. But what I found was that all was not well with Precious. All was, in fact, unwell, to put it politely.

For every time I punched the little icon to open my World to The Internets, a bizarre message came up. Something like “What, are you crazy? You’re not getting into the Internet. No way. No how.”
It may have been more technical than that. But I got the picture. I was this close to a major hissy fit. See, I remembered yesterday that a strange security message popped up (which I ignored because the last time I clicked on a security message, Precious got infected). And then last night, when still another security message popped up, the Beneficent Mr. Hall clicked on it anyway, and fooled around awhile, until presto! Precious seemed fine and dandy again.
Now, I think we’ve already established the meaning of the word “seemed” here. So, anyway, I was about to yell for the Beneficent Mr. Hall for a little “discussion” when I realized he’d left to run errands. Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea! I’d use “System Restore” to get whatever bug out of Precious, then run my Cleaner to wipe out anything else lurking.
I really hate to use the Cleaner; it takes me a month to get everything back the way I like it. But a writer has to do what a writer has to do to get into The Internets. And wonder of wonders, it worked!
Next, I had to dash to a meeting, but on the way there, I can tell you that I was thinking some pretty “unwell” thoughts concerning the Beneficent Mr. Hall and whatever he’d done to Precious, and that when I returned we’d get back to that “discussion.” And then I remembered Memorial Day.
I thought of all those verterans who’ve sacrificed life and limbs and warm beds and hot meals and evenings at home with spouses and kids…so I can have the freedom to open my laptop, and surf to just about anywhere I want in The World of the Internets.
And I cannot tell a lie, friends. It may have been a beautiful Finding Something Friday, but I found myself sorely ashamed.

4 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on Memorial Day and The Internets

  1. Cathy,I can so relate to computer problems. One day soon I will post an essay that is surely rejected by now for the June issue of Sasee. It is about my computer problems. And yes, computers are the least of many folks' problems. Thanks for the reminder to remember the military personell.

  2. Well said, Cath. Memorial Day reminds us that our daily problems are minor by comparison, but they still mess up our day and make it hard to stop and appreciate all the wonderful people in the world.

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