Finding a Glossary of Children’s Publishing Keepers!

I’ve been zipping over to Twitter quite a bit the last few days to check out the Book Expo hashtag (#bea11 if you haven’t zipped over yourself yet). I like to feel in the book world know, even though I know there’s tons I’m missing.

And speaking of missing in-the-know information, Harold Underdown passed along this link of publishing terms so that we’ll all know what those BEA folks are talking about when they go on and on about books and such . But don’t wait till you sell your book. A smart writer is an informed writer. Know your publishing terms and jargon and be one step ahead!

The glossary, by the way, comes from Underdown’s The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Children’s Books. If you’re new to children’s writing, it’s a great read to start you on the right road to publication. And even if you’re an old pro, you’ll probably find something in the newest edition you didn’t know.

Who didn’t know SRO?  Or OSI and f & g’s? Besides me, I mean. 

See? I learned something new today, thanks to thoughtful Harold. And now I’m ready for #bea12. (Um, assuming they move it to the ATL. Because honestly, Twitter is as close as I get to New York.)

6 thoughts on “Finding a Glossary of Children’s Publishing Keepers!

  1. Good information to have. I can always use help with this kind of thing! Thanks, Cath! (But seriously, I’m a little afraid to find out just how much stuff I DON’T know! 🙂

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