Finding Something Friday: Hallmark Card Contest

Now, here’s a contest where I’m really feeling the love!

Hallmark is looking for card ideas for Valentine’s Day with the theme, “Love is a Funny Thing.” Believe me, with the Beneficent Mr. Hall, love is downright hilarious. And I’ve got a couple pictures to prove it.

Which is a good thing, because you’ll need artwork or pictures to send along with your card and scathingly witty remarks. Here’s the info and the how-to’s, and really, it looks easy-peesy.

Of course, you’ve got to think of something before you can submit. That’s probably the hard part. Well, that and finding the right pictures. Which reminds me. Anybody have a Zombie guy pic?

Because nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a Zombie.

4 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday: Hallmark Card Contest

  1. Sounds like fun, except for the art work/pictures part.My resume should read–loves to write, but hates to draw–because she's so lousy at it.donna

  2. Hahahaha! Eric, That's MY Zombie idea. Now go think up somethin' else!Becky, I'm disappointed. I just KNEW you were the zombie type! :-)Donna, I'm not much on artwork, either. But I've got a camera. I bet you could get those grandkids to take a TON of pics for you!

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