Finding Debbie Ridpath Ohi and the Twitter Info

You probably know Debbie Ridpath Ohi because she’s amazingly talented and her talented stuff  is always popping up somewhere in the writing world. But just in case you don’t know about Inkygirl and her cartoons, or her incredibly useful website, crammed with tons of writer goodies, I’m here to pass along the word. Or links, as the case may be.

Go here and read her posts. (P.S. I think it’s odd that she’s opining about the same thing I opined upon over at Cathy C’s Hall of Fame just a few weeks ago. To wit, spending more time on the Internet than other writerish stuff. But I’d like it noted that I opined about it first. And with a totally cool pic of an inflatable monkey on a fern.)

Check out her Writer’s Guide to Twitter. (Yes, I know. That’s one of those Internet time sucks we both opined about. But Twitter has a place in your writer’s toolbox. Quit griping and learn how to maximize this tool.)

At least read a few of her comics. (Especially if you’re having one of those days where nothing is going writerly right.)

And if rejection is part of the worst day ever, read how rejection got Debbie her first book deal (And P.S. It all started with SCBWI.)

That’s my Debbie Ridpath Ohi primer. Unless you can think of other links I should have mentioned.(That is a Cathy C. Hall original cartoon above. Um, I probably need a little more time with the DRO primer.)


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