Finding Something Friday on Eventitis

I found my column in MSL today and I seriously busted out laughing.

Um, not that I think I’m that incredibly funny. I mean, I am kinda funny. But the thing is, The Beneficent Mr. Hall and I bailed on an event the week after I wrote the column.

It will all make sense after you read “Eventitis” on page 15. And P.S. If at any time in the future you invite me/us to an event, and we don’t make it…well, that, too, will make sense.

Um, not that I would ever bail on you.

7 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on Eventitis

  1. Love your column!!! It's so true! However, when there's another Writers Drink Night or a conference in Birmingham that I'm looking for a ride to, keep me mind I now know about this condition and will have my event-itis strategies, um, cures, um bandaids ready and waiting!!!

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