Finding a Contest (And a Mighty Fine Blog)

I may have mentioned Margo Dill’s Read These Books and Use Them blog before. She often has giveaways of wonderful children’s books, from picture books to Young Adult. Her blog is a wonderful resource for teachers as well as writers, as Margo shares tons of reading/writing information.

She also happens to be an editor. And as an editor, she’s hosting a contest wherein she’s giving away free editing for up to 10 pages of a manuscript. So, you could send a short story or the first ten pages of your middle grade novel. Or you could send an entire picture book or a non-fiction article.

Here’s the thing. Margo has written and had published all those works and more, so enter the contest and maybe you’ll be the one to benefit from her expertise! Of course, if you don’t win the contest, you can still get a discount of her editing services. All the details are right there, at Margo’s blog.

Go on, now. My fingers are crossed for you!

4 thoughts on “Finding a Contest (And a Mighty Fine Blog)

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