What Not To Do Wednesday on Writer Socializing

I totally get it, grasshopper. You’re a writer because you don’t particularly like to socialize.
You like to hunker down with your laptop and beverage of choice and write till the sun rises over the horizon and your fingers cramp and your eyelids feel like sandpaper against your eyeballs and drool drips from the corner of your mouth.
Yeah, I get it. But eventually, you need to come up for air, step out of that comfort zone, and socialize. And yes, it’s not easy, ’cause basically you’re kind of shy and really, can’t you just socialize on the Internets?
Well, grasshopper, that’s a beginning. But if you have the opportunity to meet with other writers, at a conference, or a workshop, a book signing event, or a Zaxby’s on the way to Florida, make a plan and go! Because you do not want to miss the warmth, the joy, the fun, of talking, sharing, and laughing with writers who really are more than writers. They’re friends. And believe it or not, just like you.

And P.S. When one of the writers (okay, me) tells everybody to make a crazy face, you really should make a crazy face. Or the crazy-faced writer (okay, me) looks like an idiot.

(And P.P.S. Thanks to Lisa, Debra, Linda, and Cathy-on-a-Stick for a wonderful afternoon!)

10 thoughts on “What Not To Do Wednesday on Writer Socializing

  1. I can totally relate to the anti-social thing, but Linda makes you feel right at home as I'm sure you have found out. You don't look like you'd be anti-social!

  2. Sue, you're on my list!And thanks, Lynn! Deep down, I'm a pretty shy person. But for some crazy reason, no one ever believes that! And yes, Linda was a delight (and Bill was pretty nice about the gabfest, too).

  3. HAHAHA!! I think we all look freaking awesome! And if you double click the pic and blow it up my mouth is shining because of my braces. LOL Such fun to meet up and talk writing and other stuff. I'm proud to belong to such a great group. 🙂

  4. Hey Cathy! Somehow I missed this goofy picture when I read about you getting together with Linda! Well, now don't we Georgia and Missouri writers all act like a bunch of Wild & Crazy Kind of Gals?!And YOU…SHY? No way!

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