Finding Something Friday on Rain At My House!

(With apologies to those who might be a bit damp in other parts of the country)


RAIN, glorious rain!
How happy to see you!
Not just a few drops
But big splashes to soak you!

Just thinking of getting wet
my senses are reeling!
One moment of knowing that
Cooled down feeling!

Rain, glorious rain!
What wouldn’t we give for?
That extra downpour?
That’s all that we live for!

Why should we be stuck so hot,
boiling over like crabs in a pot?

Oh, rain! Magical rain!
Heavenly rain! Beautiful rain!
Marvelous rain! Wonderful rain!

11 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on Rain At My House!

  1. No rain at my house today, just rumbles. Of course, it might have happened while I was out watching the last Harry Potter movie.Off to Chautauqua tomorrow!!!

  2. Gail, I'm sorry you didn't get the rain. I'm also sorry I'm not going to Chautauqua with you.Val, you guess correctly. We're having a bit of a 100 degree drought here in GA.

  3. Still looking for that moisture to fall from our skies. November was the last month to register any measureable rainfall. Thank the good Lord for sprinklers!

  4. Oh, Linda, ocean, pool, hotel…why didn't I stow away in your trunk? :-)Lisa, I'm pretty sure I heard my lawn say, "Ahhhhhh." :-)Sally, I'm glad the good Lord gives us sprinklers, too. But everytime I turn on our hose, I step in poison ivy. Why is it that the lack of water kills everything BUT poison ivy????

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