Finding Inspiration from Chautauqua (And a Giveaway!)

Every year, I think this is it! I’m going to jump on Chautuaqua (figuratively speaking) and get that Highlights Foundation scholarship and go! And every year, I check it out after the deadline. And worse, around this time of year, I start hearing from writers who made the deadline, and attended the workshops, and HAD THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES.

Pffft. At least this year, my friend (and writer) Gail brought back goodies from Chautauqua and is sharing the wealth!

She’s been sharing the wealth of information she gleaned from all the presenters over at her blog, but today, she announced her contest, where she’s giving away SIX books!  Books about writing for children and novels for children, too. All you have to do to win this awesome stash of books is check out her blog (with all the details). But you’ll also want to check this post where she gives tips from Julie Agnone, Vice-Pres of National Geographic for Kids. And you’ll want to read what authors Kathi Appelt and Kim Griswell had to share, too. You know what? You’ll probably want to read all of her Chautauqua posts.

Because reading about Gail’s adventure (and winning the books!) is a lot easier than remembering to sign up for that scholarship!

(And P.S. If you tell Gail that I sent you over,  I’ll get an extra point or two. Um, I hope you can remember that!)

6 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration from Chautauqua (And a Giveaway!)

  1. Ok, I am REALLY confused here…and it’s twice as weird because I watched one little old episode of The Twilight Zone while I ate lunch today….I’m at Gail’s leaving a comment, etc. to be in the drawing for the books…and I click on something…and viole’…I land here and I’m seeing my writer-pen-pal-gal-friend, Ms.Cathy C. Hall’s lovely picture. I think I better go lie down for a while…or is it lay down? Eeeek!

    • Hmmmm…now I’M confused. I checked my links and they go over to Gail’s blog. So I guess, try commenting again at Gail’s and hope you don’t get shanghaied!

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