Finding Something Friday on Irony and Falls

I’ve been with my parents this week, hanging about while my mom recuperates from shoulder surgery. She had a fall, getting up from a chair too quickly after her foot fell asleep.

Today, the Beneficent Mr. Hall called and said my copy of Modern Senior Living came in the mail. That meant my column would be available online. It’s a piece about me taking a spill or two while on a canoe. It’s called “Pride Goeth Before the Fall(s)”.

Isn’t irony funny?

(P.S. Um, my mom’s not exactly laughing yet. But I’m sure in a week or maybe six years from now, she’ll find getting her ball and socket joint replaced a real hoot.)

4 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on Irony and Falls

  1. Oh, but look! You got such a great column out of it! Bruises heal, clothes dry, and funny stuff makes its way into your writing. Pretty good deal. Of course, I'm not the one who kept falling down. 🙂 Glad your mom is doing okay, but I'm sorry her injury was bad enough to require surgery. Never fun. Ever. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

  2. You are a better woman than me. I'd have stayed on the dock with the guys. But then I wouldn't have a great adventure story to tell. 🙂 I hope your mom is up and about lickety split.

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