Tuesday Tips on (What a Surprise!) Writing

So I grabbed a stack of writer magazines to have on hand while I was waiting around last week (after what I’m calling “The Great Mom Fall of ’11”). And I happened to pick up two Writer’s Digests, both with the list of 101 Best Websites. One issue was from 2010, the other 2009.

I recognized most of these websites; they’re still around and going strong. Many of these best websites I’ve already discussed and passed along. And then I saw an unfamiliar one about contests and thought, I’ll just check this one out: Creative Writing Contests.

If you’ve clicked on it, you may have had the same second thought as I had. Hmmmm…the last post was in April. What happened? Had a cataclysmic earthquake swallowed up the admin? Did a truck barrel through his office where he posted daily updates? Had zombies busted through the door and eaten him? Well, you know, the usual horrors that happen to us went through my mind.

Or maybe his wife just had a baby. The point is, maybe you should let a trusted someone know how to post on your blog in case zombies eat you.

Perhaps my imagination went a little wild because I’d been over at this writing prompt generator. There’s something about a dancing pencil that I can’t resist. So I checked out a few of the prompts. If you’re having trouble with whatever you’re working on, try writing something completely different. Just for fun. Just to get some creative juices flowing. You’ll come back to your purposeful writing refreshed and ready to go.

Finally, I saw this reference site for IPL (internet public library), where all kinds of frequently asked questions are answered. And if your FAQ is not there, you can ask a librarian and off he/she will go to get your answer! Isn’t that exciting? Haven’t you always wondered what was on Carl Jung’s tombstone?

Maybe that’s just me. Still, research goes hand in hand with writing, whether you’re penning historical fiction or just a short essay. Check your facts, and check them quickly starting with a reliable resource like ipl2.

I might ask them a question I’ve been wondering about for a long time: If the zombies eat everyone (or turn everyone else into a zombie), how long will the zombies go on? I mean, really. How long can a zombie survive if a zombie’s already dead? It’s a real brain buster. (Ugh. Sorry about that.)

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips on (What a Surprise!) Writing

  1. Good point, Cathy. About keeping your blog updated, not about the zombies. Although, there are a lot of books and movies out there that might answer your zombie question. Have you ever seen "28 Days Later?" 🙂

  2. Well, lucky for me, I have YOU around to update my blog….at least in the comments section! And I know you'll say something funny- which is good. So, if you haven't seen anything from me on the blog, or in FB for two weeks, figure the zombies got me and scribble something in the comments buddy of mine!

  3. Madeline, I haven't seen "28 Days Later." But now I will. Because that's really been bugging me. :-)Well, I'd love to do that for you, Gail. But don't you have comment approval enabled? 🙂 P.S. Gail has Vicky Shecter over at her blog, giving away her newest release, Cleopatra's Moon. Dash over there and sign up!

  4. I love writing prompts! The kids have so much fun with them, and they do get the juices flowing. I found a fun resource to use for school called "Creative Thinking Write Abouts". It's a spiral bound notebook with three different mix and match sections and you can get hundreds of different prompts from them. Stuff like "What would you do if a cloud picked a fight?" Love it! (Haven't seen anything about zombies in there, though.)

  5. I've got that issue, too, but I missed the IPL. Gonna look that one up. And the zombie question? Hmmm…maybe zombies are immortal like vampires. Maybe they aren't evil, rotten, mean and nasty either. What if they're just, you know, misunderstood?

  6. Thanks, Sally! 😀 My boys can talk about zombies FOR HOURS. But I keep forgetting to get their "expert" opinion on this matter.Lisa, you're gonna love that ipl site. It's my new best friend (in cyberworld) 🙂

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