Letter to a New Writer

Dear New Writer,

I was so excited when I saw you at the writer’s group today! I know you were probably a little nervous, and I know how hard it was for you to read aloud what you’d written. But you took that first step, and good for you! You’re on your way! I’m feeling downright Seussical!

Look at you go! Off to start your journey–and you’re just about to bust with all the excitement of this new passion for writing! You have so much to say, and you can’t wait to get all your words out there! Right now, you’re busy creating and imagining and the ideas flow so fast, you can barely get them all on the paper. That’s a great beginning!

I want you to remember that joy. I want you to grab hold to all those wonderful feelings and store them away. I wish you could have heard yourself gushing when you talked about what you’re working on. Or seen your face lighting up as you jumped from one thought to the next!

I was so glad I was there, to see your bright, shining face, to hear the excitement in your voice as you shared your writing dreams. Because in those few moments, I remembered. That’s why I love writing.

Thank you, thank you, dear new writer.

15 thoughts on “Letter to a New Writer

  1. What an encouraging post! I could be that new writer, only I have merely listened to others read. I hope to get the point of reading, and then discussing with other writers. I've been in slump lately, and you have brought me out of it. Thank you!!!

  2. Oh, Tanya, I can be sweet. 🙂 And YOU are a fine writer.Absolutely, Eric! It's the encouragement that keeps us going, right? :-)Good luck, noexcuses! We get there, one step at a time. (And sometimes, we have to step over the slumps. 🙂

  3. Val, I wish blogs had one of those little Like buttons. I'd click on it three times for your comment. :-)Oh, MaDonna, best of luck with that! I've had help from so many generous, more experienced writers–and then one day, I became the "experienced" writer. But I'm always inspired when I meet a new writer who's so excited to begin the journey! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. There was no doubt give and take there. You received from the new writer a reminder of the excitement behind the pen; the new writer in turn got something from you . . . I know you encouraged and offered sage advice. You are, after all, the Yoda. 🙂

  5. Hey Cathy,Your post took me back to the first time I walked into a writer's group. After that I was hooked and couldn't wait until the next meeting.You are such a welcoming and encouraging group, your enthusiasm shines through your words!And good luck, new writer. sounds like you've found a super group!Donna v.P.S. my word verification is hyper. How's that for a coincidence?

  6. This is a really good reminder to keep that "new writer" in all of us close at hand. When things get difficult or quicksand-y (how's THAT for a word???), it can be hard to remember the enthusiasm we once held for every word, every project, every character arc. Our inner "new writers" remind us that "in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun." (See what I did there? You thought I was kidding…heh.)

  7. Donna, I know your group is encouraging, too. And talented! Everytime I turn around, someone from your group is published!Kara, that's exactly what I was going for…and now I must find a way to get you to comment on every single post. And no, I'm not kidding either. :-)Donna! So glad you dropped by! Hope you'll come back often and give your input. ;-)And Madeline, I'm so glad you smiled. That's a good day for me, here at the old blog!

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