LAST (Contest!) CALL

The last few days of the month are always a mad dash for me…I look up at the calendar above my desk and think &^*%! Two days? I’ll never make it!

Maybe it’s a conference I need to sign up for (along with a formal manuscript critique), or a writer-ish bill to pay. (Okay, The Beneficent Mr. Hall is going to pay that bill. But I still have to remind him.) And then there are the CONTESTS. So as it’s August 30th (OH MY GOSH, IT’S AUGUST 30TH!), we really don’t have time for dilly-dallying about if we want to make these deadlines:

The 2011 Good Housekeeping Fiction Contest on a theme that reflects some aspect of women’s lives today. Good news? That’s practically anything (including Zombies)! Bad news: You’ve only got till September 1st. More good news? It’s online entries, so you can wait till the last possible minute! More bad news? There can be only one (winner). Okay, there can be three, actually. I just like to use the Highlander line.

The 2011 Family Circle Fiction Contest on a theme…hmmm. There appears to be NO theme. Wheee! But I’d suggest a quick look see at some of the past winning stories to get a handle on what Family Circle likes. Good news? You have till Septemeber 9th for this contest! Bad news? You have to mail the entry. But you can send TWO entries!

Now, off you go, my little writers. TIME’S A-WASTIN’!

4 thoughts on “LAST (Contest!) CALL

  1. Cathy! What are you doing to me? That's just not enough time. Can't you get me an extension? There are so many great contests coming up this month. I'm just happy I got my WIK stuff sent out yesterday. But you've got me really wanting to crank out a Good Housekeeping entry now…What to do, what to do…

  2. Do the Family Circle one, instead, Deb. You've got TEN WHOLE DAYS to think up something brilliant!(I realized after I read the fine print that I can't send anything to Good Housekeeping–they're a Hearst Magazine. Like I was gonna win…:-)

  3. I put those deadlines on my calendar last week, as if having it in writing might compel me to have something ready. Ha! Fat chance. I spent all my spare time over thinking my WIK critique submission. Pfft.

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