A Strange Coincidence…Or Is It?

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned how I keep lists.

I make a Things To Do List for most every day. I make a list of Monthly Goals. And I have a list of every essay, poem, article or story I submit. At the end of each month, I update my list of submissions. Oftentimes, I’ll go back over the months to see if I still have something out.

Such was the case with a couple stories I’d submitted to Uncle John’s Flush Fiction. I was a little late organizing this month, but I got around to my list on Monday, and when I saw how long those stories had been sitting, I crossed them out, giving up on them.

The next day, the VERY next day, I received an acceptance from the Uncle John anthology. But the editor wanted only one of the stories, a funny, supernatural piece of flash fiction about a dog who dies–and comes back.

So now I’m just a little…what’s the word? Oh, yeah. TOTALLY freaked out.

11 thoughts on “A Strange Coincidence…Or Is It?

  1. I'm reading this post literally a few minutes after I found out that I've had a story accepted into the same anthology! I too was thinking that I submitted that story a long time ago…Congrats!

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