Finding Something Friday on a Book Giveaway! and Persistence

Let me start by saying I am persistent. Which sounds like a good quality, but the Beneficent Mr. Hall might beg to differ.

Anyway, I have been trying forEVER to somehow win Cheryl Klein’s Second Sight. I’ve heard her speak several times, so I know her book on writing, revising and publishing books for children and young adults is awesome. I mean, I really want to win this book.

Now, of course, I could buy it. And dear readers, after MONTHS of not winning the book, followed by the birthday present of a lovely giftcard re: one of those big bookstores that shall remain nameless, I decided to buy the book. After all, technically, I was still winning the book.

So I ordered Second Sight. And just a week later, Second Sight arrived! Oh, frabjous joy! Except it was NOT Second Sight by Cheryl Klein. It was Second Sight by Amanda Quick (who I’m sure is a lovely person and it’s probably a great book but it’s not the totally awesome book I ordered.)

Thus began my two MONTH quest to get my money back and/or Second Sight by Cheryl Klein. On Wednesday, this Wednesday, I spent one hour and 23 minutes on the phone with said Big Bookstore and the manager was lovely and all but I still do not have my money and/or book. The gift certificate is “in the mail,” she said. Uh-huh.

But yesterday, I found out that Cheryl Klein is giving away yet another copy of Second Sight! I’m pretty sure it’s a sign and that my dogged persistence shall pay off.

(P.S. She also shares some excellent advice for writers and a chance to win Elizabeth Bunce’s Star-crossed and Liar’s Moon. Zip over for the hows and more here!)

12 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on a Book Giveaway! and Persistence

  1. Hi Cathy,I sure hope you win Cheryl's book. She spoke at the Missouri Writers' Guild several years ago. Such a wise young woman; she's from Missouri by the way.Donna

  2. Okay, Cathy, maybe if all your followers combine all our mental energy and start chanting "Cathy C Hall, Cathy C Hall" you'll win the book. Or get the book/credit from the bookstore. Or Cathy-on-a-Stick will feed on said mental energy and grow and grow until she's bigger than you and…Okay, I'm done. Need more coffee. Or maybe less.

  3. Yeah, I understand "persistent"; my family refers to it as stubborn (and I got that gene from BOTH parents) and I have a friend who says I'm like a dog with a bone- relentless. Still, I agree it's an asset! I'm not signing up for the book giveaway so you have that extra chance!

  4. I appreciate your support, y'all!(I didn't know she was from Missouri, Donna…interesting!)(Also, Madeline, drink more coffee–I need all the chanting I can get.)(Doubly appreciate you not signing up for that giveaway, Gail. My chances just doubled! 😉

  5. You know, if we ALL sign up for the giveaway and we ALL agree that if we win we will give our book to you (after we each read it, of couse), the your chances will, like, quintuple or something. THEN, we YOU get your book from Big Bookstore That Shall Remain Nameless, YOU can have giveaway on your blog. Win win? 😀 Good luck, Persistent Patty!

  6. Cathy, in the end your focus will pay off. You're far more persistent than me! I would have given up and accepted that fate intended me to read Amanda's book. But now, in a new twist of fate, you (we) will win the book your really want! When that day arrives, will there be cake?

  7. Cake for all, Suzanne!!!!! Assuming you are within a 10 mile radius of me. But I'll be *thinking* of you while I'm eating my cake. ;-)Sure, Linda, I can comment on your blog. Commenting's a lot easier than winning a book. 😉

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