13 thoughts on “Friday Finds: A Contest, A Swell Submission Opportunity and a Tip

  1. That $15 entry fee is definitely one to think about. Personally, I’ll probably be exhausted at the end of this month from wasting time on my Highlights submission to even consider it. You, on the other hand, could hit a humor essay out of the park. Go for it! (Maybe Dave’ll loan you the money.) And I hadn’t read Sylvia’s comment, so thanks for the heads-up there! I might take a shot at that one.

    • I have the same luck with the EB competition as I do with Highlights, Deb. Sigh.

      I DO have a couple of Byline calendars, however. 😉 (Do try! I think you’d have an excellent chance!)

  2. Hi Cathy,
    Thanks for the tips. Earlier this week I sent off my EB submission. Humor isn’t my forte, but I figured, what the hey.

    And I love the job Sylvia does with Bylines. Congratulations on your acceptances!

  3. Good luck, Donna! I think you’re plenty funny, by the way!

    And Robyn, you made my day. 😉 (And P.S. I should get you to guest post–you had a TON of great tips at the workshop I attended!)

  4. The $15 knocks me out of the competition. I have a strict $10 or less policy. *sigh* I’ve never submitted for the Bylines calendar before. Guess it’s time to give it a try. 🙂 Thanks for the “heads up!”

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