Catching Up Is Hard To Do

With apologies to Neil Sedaka. (On the other hand, I’ll never get this song out of my head now. So we’re kind of even.)

“They say that catching up is hard to do…

Now I know, I know that it’s true.

Don’t say shut up and begin–

Instead of catching up I wish that I was all caught up again.”

So, I’ve been sort of missing for the last week. I applied to the Highlights Foundation Whole Novel Workshop and got accepted (Wheee!) And they offered me a scholarship, too. (Double wheee!) But then I kind of had to say I’d go (Fly on a plane all the way to Pennsylvania–eeeeek!). Plus I had to send my novel to my reader (Uh-oh.)

See, I had to make a few small changes in that novel before I could send it off to a Big, Important Editor Person. Changes in, oh, I don’t know…the goals and stakes.

Just for the record, I do not recommend making goals and stakes changes on a 60,000 word novel in 7 days. It’s doable, but only if you do the following:

1. Skim your emails, reading ONLY those that require immediate attention (roughly translated to “money is involved”.)

2. Dash through Facebook, skip Twitter, and ignore blogs (By the way, happy belated birthdays, y’all!)

3. Leave loved ones to fend for themselves (But do not be surprised if a. a Junior loved one shows up with a tattoo and/or fourth ear piercing because you said “uh huh” while you were typing and “talking”  on the phone or b. you have gained 6 pounds because your wonderful spouse offered to take care of the cooking. And by cooking, I mean “picking up tacos and/or  pizza” every day. P.S. You haven’t noticed you’ve been eating tacos and/or pizza every day.)

Now, I have a ton of catching up to do…emails to attend to, blogs to read, friends to (virtually) see, and all that other writing and reading that’s been waiting for me. Not to mention the matter of six extra pounds.  But still…

“I beg of you, don’t say goodbye!

Let me give this whole thing one more try.

Come on, y’all, I’ll start anew…

But catching up is hard to do.”


18 thoughts on “Catching Up Is Hard To Do

  1. I am SO PROUD of you. SO PROUD. You are absolutely right, it is a ton of work. A shit ton, if I may. But honestly, it is so incredibly worth it. And good for you for putting yourself out there. And YAY for scholarships! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without one, that’s for sure. And before I start to sound like the Highlights Foundation official cheearleader…ahem…I will stop. But YAY YOU! So happy you’re doing this.

  2. SERIOUSLY blushing, now. 🙂

    Thanks, y’all–my brain feels a little mushy after all that rewriting. But I’m sure I’ll be just regular mushy in no time at all!

    (And visiting you at your blogs, too!)

  3. Go Cath!!! Congrats on getting into the Whole Novel workshop @ what they’re calling The Barn. Yes, Highlights is generous on scholarships. That’s how I was able to go to Chautauqua- which they aren’t doing anymore, that week will be held atThe Barn, I’m told.

    I have another friend who will be in the Whole Novel workshop. Her name is Valerie Cagle; she’s a former 3rd grade student of mine! She’s gone through med school and is getting ready to do internship/residency but is taking time out for the workshop. When is it, May?? Are you going to SpringMingle?
    Great news for you and for Tanya!!!

    • Aw, thanks, Gail! I’m scheduled for the March workshop and yes, I’ll be at Springmingle, too. (And then I’ll be broke! ) 😉

  4. OMG!!!! Congratulations, you scathingly brilliant writer woman, you!! You’re even more than Scathingly Brilliant….We need to come up with a new expression for “over-the-top” SB!! When is the workshop? When do you leave? How long to you stay? Etc. Etc.

    And don’t worry about all that happened or didn’t happen while you were working so hard! I’m sure you’ll work off those couple of pounds, too!

    I’m so happy fo you and proud of you!!

  5. Hi Cathy,

    A HUGE congratulations to you! How wonderful!

    It is so cool that you not only got accepted but also received a scholarship. I’m certain they have big plans for your novel.

    Don’t worry about the six pounds, but yikes about the tattoo and ear piercings.;) Keep repeating–it’s only a phase; it’s only a phase.


  6. You are going to be more FAMOUS than you already are! Those six pounds will be the padding you’ll need for when you go on tour and have to sit for long periods in hard chairs signing books. Accepted and a scholarship, you rock! So happy and excited for your big news.

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