Why I Didn’t Have the Friday’s Fun Find (But I DID Write a Blog Post)

Thinking about that Birds and Bloom Backyard Blunder contest put me in mind of all kinds of blunders I’ve made, including those of the writing species. And so Friday, when I was trying to think up something to write for The Muffin, it didn’t take long for me to whip up a post.

You can read all about how I learn from making mistakes, particularly what I learned from the “writing of the chapter book” blunder I made. And here’s the rest of the story…

After I realized that my chapter book needed a ton of work, I got down to business on the rewrite. I punched up the main character, toned down the supporting cast of characters, defined the goals a bit better, straightened out a point-of-view problem…well, let’s just say I ended up with a new and muchly improved chapter book. And then you know what happened?

Wouldn’t it be really swell if I’d sold that manuscript? The sad fact is, I didn’t. But I did submit it for an evaluation at an SCBWI conference and found that it had a lot of wonderful components. I also found that even with a lot of wonderful parts, the book as a whole would probably not sell. Chapter books are a hard sell any way you look at it, but my chapter book was a little too different.

Now, another person may have been disappointed. Well, okay. I was a little disappointed. But still, I’d learned so much in the process of writing my first book. And one of the things I learned was that this chapter book really needed to be a middle grade book. And someday, when I figure out more about this story, I’ll write that middle grade book.

And that’s the rest of the story. Yes, I know. You were hoping for a happy ending. But then again, the story hasn’t really ended, has it?

7 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Have the Friday’s Fun Find (But I DID Write a Blog Post)

  1. It’s always a good thing when you learn more about your writing. It took me a long time to believe that no writing is ever wasted, but I most definitely do now.

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