And Now A Word About Email Hackers…

Every time I watch a Batman movie, I have a thought along these lines… Just think what the villain could accomplish if he used his super powers, brains, or mad skills  for good rather than evil. I feel the same way about those evil hackers who use their mad skills to infiltrate accounts and wreak havoc amongst good and innocent people (who may be stuck out on a golf course, freezing their butts off, and watching Junior play in a tournament).

And so, as you may have surmised, I was forced to deal with the havoc left in the wake of a slew of spam emails sent from my account (after I managed to thaw out my butt). Mostly, dealing with the havoc meant changing a password to some ridiculously super strong string of letters, numbers and the kitchen sink. As it happens, I have several safeguards in place–and you may want to read this lovely article about what to do if your email account is compromised to find out what safeguards you need.

But that doesn’t mean that it might not happen again. And so I would add this note to any friend, family member, or associate who may get an email from me with just a link. I WOULD NEVER, EVER, EVER SEND AN EMAIL WITH JUST A LINK. EVER. I am much too chatty–and opinionated– for that kind of email. The real Cathy Hall is going to comment (probably in some long-winded and witty way).

It’s true that on a couple occasions I may have sent an email out without a subject line (which is a common spam indicator). That’s because I had a lot to say in the email. Which you would know when you opened the email and saw me blah-blah-blahing away.

I’m going to recommend that if you’re one of those folks who send emails with just a link, stop it. Most of the time I can tell the difference between a spam email and a friend’s deep desire to share a powerpoint movie about cats falling into a fish tank. But if I’m not sure, I won’t open a link.

And now, a final word to the hackers of the world…Would you tell your mother about your career choice?

Uh-huh. I thought not.


5 thoughts on “And Now A Word About Email Hackers…

  1. I often get notices from the mailer daemon guy telling me he couldn’t deliver the email I sent to some person I’ve never heard of. And I’ll see the email I’m sending out to people I don’t know is usually trying to sell them some medicine to make them feel like more of a man–which I won’t name here, because just mentioning the name draws the hackers like manure draws flies–anyway…I researched this long ago and found out that they aren’t really using my domain to send the emails, they are just masking their emails with mine. And there’s nothing I can do about it. It drives me nuts.

    I can’t understand how these people make money, because who buys any of this junk from their stupid emails?

    • I was ranting to the Beneficent Mr. Hall about that very fact, Sally. But I don’t think it’s so much about the “product.” I’m afraid those kinds of emails have more nefarious purposes of which good, trusting folks like us don’t really understand.

      So I suppose there IS a profit involved. But I don’t know how those people sleep at night, making money that way.

  2. Cathy, I hate when that happens. I never open any tweets or emails that are just a link or that say, “Look what someone said about you online!!!” The triple exclamation points are a tip-off. Are you reading this hackers? Use your mad skills to learn how to use exclamation points properly. Another thing you told me way back when is that you never send tweets or emails with LOL in them. Another tip-off, hacker people.

    Anyhoo, I’m so sorry about you getting hacked again, and I hope all is well now.

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