Flush Fiction For the Reader on the Go

So, finally, I can come clean. I’ve been sitting on this news for quite some time, and I refuse to waste another minute– I have a story in the just released Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Presents Flush Fiction!

Whew. That felt good. It’s been so hard, keeping that in! But there’s more. The amazing folks at Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader have agreed to give away a copy of Flush Fiction to one of my lucky commenters! Isn’t that swell?

But of course, you want to know more about this quick fiction on the go! This collection of 88 short-short stories covers just about everything: mystery, horror, sci-fi, humor, romance, and adventure. The editors scoured the country for some of the best fiction writers around and stuffed them all into this one BIG book. Um…the stories, not the writers.

It’s a mystery what I’m doing in this book with such a group of esteemed writers.  But just like that eternal unanswerable question, “Who forgot to flush?” I suppose we’ll never know. We will, however, know who will win the copy of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Presents Flush Fiction in exactly seven days. That’s when I’ll pluck a winner from the mess of names floating around in the comments. (Sorry, folks, you must be in the United States in order to win.)

And you might want to follow Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader on Twitter or Facebook for more info dumps.

(Okay, that went too far, didn’t it? But I seem to be on a roll and can’t stop.)



23 thoughts on “Flush Fiction For the Reader on the Go

  1. Oh, Cathy.
    You crack me up.
    I’m laughing so hard I almost wet myself, and the tears are flowing so fast I have to wipe my eyes.
    Congratulations on a moving accomplishment.
    Well, I gotta go.

  2. You ARE on a roll, Cathy! Seems like every time I stop by here you’re announcing another publication. Keep up the great work and please throw my name into the mix. I’d love to win a copy of your book!

  3. Do the stories revolve around the toilet bowl? (I couldn’t resist.)

    Congratulations, again! Your name is all over the place, and I don’t mean on bathroom walls. Success likes you!

  4. Holy Smokes! I have two Uncle John’s (the books!) in my library and to have you in the latest, well, fills me with a flush of pride! Drop my name in (please), pull the handle, and awaaaayyyy we go!!

    (Congrats on this. It really is great news.)

  5. congratulations! i am a long time uncle john reader, with over 30 volumes in the cabinet above my commode (and one sitting on top of it, of course)

  6. Congratulations, Cathy! We’ve got past copies of Uncle John’s floating around the control room at the radio station where I work – always something to talk about when we’re crapped out on other topics. Keep up the good work…;D

  7. Oh, Cathy, I am so not into bathroom humor but I couldn’t stop laughing at your post! You’ve got a gift, girl. Congratulations on the publication!

    (And if I win the book, I will absolutely read it…but not in the bathroom!) 🙂

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  9. I loved poking around your blog. And congrats on the anthology feature. Though I suppose it’s bittersweet that your name will now be forever linked to the tornado of a toilet bowl.

    • You just made it, Sally! And Anansi (the Poet), glad you enjoyed your visit. I’ll take bittersweet–better than some other stuff that comes to mind. 😉

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