The Little (Tag) Things

While researching what the heck a “Like” button could do for an author, I came across some interesting tidbits about tags–and how they can be really helpful in book promotion.

So I wrote up that post for The Muffin today–and if you have a book out there, and that book is available at Amazon, you might want to take a look. Or if you want to do a little something something to help your friend’s book (over at Amazon), then you might want to check out the post as well.

And if you’re sitting there, scratching your head, wondering what the heck a “tag” is, (and you want to be a person in the know), then you can impress your friends and neighbors, just by reading a couple hundred words over at The Muffin.

And finally, if you have a blog, and you want to drive traffic to your blog, don’t forget to use those tags. Sometimes, it really is the little things (like a bowl of tangy, peach ice cream) that can have a big impact.

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