Tuesday Tips on Photo Use and Conference Do’s

When last we spoke, I shared about the upcoming WIK’12 conference and the lovely Doraine Bennett’s writerly wisdom. PLUS, I gave all the stops on the WIK blog tour. But I completely forgot to add a great post from Bonita Herold and Janice Hardy over at her blog, The Other Side of the Story.

Even if you’re not close enough to attend our Southern Breeze SCBWI conference, you’ll want to read their “ABC’s of Attending of a Conference.” It’s chock full of tips (well, 26 plus a couple extra) and advice on conference-going. And I guarantee there will be at least a few do’s that you haven’t considered.

When you have all that good info in your head, zip over to read Roni Loren’s post about the use of photos on blogs, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr. She has some eye-opening information as well, specifically on copyrighted photos. Even if you’re sure about every photo you use, I guarantee there will be something you haven’t considered.

They’re both well worth a look and I’m sure you’ll be all the richer for checking them out. Much like Cathy-on-a-Stick who visited the Parthenon. In Nashville, TN. (But at least it’s my own picture.)

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips on Photo Use and Conference Do’s

  1. Okay, this is the second time in a month someone has mentioned copyrighted photos. I suppose I should start paying attention because a post just isn’t as pretty without a nice little picture to go with it.

    • Know what you mean, Debra. But hey, why not give one of those kidders an extra credit project? Say in photography? 😉

  2. Yeah, the photo thing gets me too. Best to pay attention. Thanks! I’m sorry to miss the WIK conf., but I’m going to the RWA conf. At least I’ll get one in. I’ve passed up kiddles for kisses. Ha.

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