Who Won Chicken Soup For the Soul’s Married Life?

Yep, it was time to spin the old Randomizer to find the lucky winner of Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Married Life!

And the name at the top of the list is…Sioux!

I’m very happy to see Sioux’s name there because she left such an intriguing comment:

“Seriously, I’d love to win a copy, and perhaps someone will use one of your stories as a springboard for one of the 20th anniversary stories. You never know…”

She also left another comment:

“Okay, if we try to jack up the number of comments by each individual leaving multiple comments, would that be okay?

Just askin’.”

Just so you know the fix was not in, super Sioux’s name was entered only once. But I give her kudos for trying–and for buttering me up. I mean, she really wanted that Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Married Life.

Hold on a minute. Did I say winner? I meant to say winners. ‘Cause I’m giving away a second copy to lovely Lynn! Lynn is in a critique group with several writers who’ve been published in a Chicken Soup book, and I just know that her turn is coming up next. She’s been published in several wonderful markets…And hold on a sec. Aren’t Lynn and Sioux in the same critique group???

Those Wild Women With Pens have some serious winning and writing mojo going on. Maybe y’all need another member?

In the words of Sioux: Just askin’.

8 thoughts on “Who Won Chicken Soup For the Soul’s Married Life?

    • Becky, I loved my summer shells but I didn’t like my front page not having the complete blog post. I tried to find a way to work around that, but I’m not smart enough or it couldn’t be done. So I found another template and added my writing workshop pic for motivation. But I’ll always have the Cathy C. Hall up there. You’ll always know exactly where you are (with me!!!).

  1. Woot Woot! I lose every day in my battle against the bulge(s), I am losing the battle I’m waging against this mustache that’s developing, but this time, I’m a winner.

    Yes, the WWWPs have powerful mojo swirling around them.

    Thanks, Cathy.

  2. Would love to have you in our group… if you lived here! I’m really late at looking at blogs and if you hadn’t emailed me, I would not have known (until now) that I won! Thank you SO much. You are a hoot! A sweet hoot!

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