What I’m Thankful For, Writer-wise

It’s Thanksgiving morning, and I’ve got a few minutes before I start cooking (and I use that term loosely) and rallying the troops to help pull this feast together. But a few minutes is all I need to say thank you.

I know lots of famous writers who say “write for yourself” or “write what you need to write and don’t worry about anyone else.” And I believe there’s validity in those philosophies. But I’d be lying if I said I only write for myself.

I write essays for Chicken Soup for the Soul books–and hope readers will smile or sigh or maybe even tear up a bit and say, “Yes, that’s just like me.”

I write stories for children–and hope little kids will laugh or shriek or beg to stay up one more minute so they can hear the story all over again.

I write blog posts here and at The Muffin (I have a Thanksgiving post over there today!) and other assorted places on the web–and hope writers will read those words and chuckle or nod or say, “Sheesh. If she can do this, so can I.”

So a big thank you to the readers everywhere who gobble up my words till they’re stuffed. You make all the hard work worth every minute!


8 thoughts on “What I’m Thankful For, Writer-wise

  1. You’re no turkey kiddo; you’re the real deal! So gobble-gobble-gobble-gobble [That’s turkey for “don’t eat too much!” Happy holiday to you and fam!

  2. Hi Cathy,
    Among the many blessings I am thankful for, I count the friends I’ve made in the blog-oo-sphere. You are a generous and gifted writer, and I smile whenever I think about our phone conversation and your joyful wishes.

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