Things-To-Do Lists and Prioritizing and The Grinch and Me

You know I’m a crazy list-er, right? (Or you know now–)

I list goals for the year, the month, the weeks, and daily goals, too.  I’m sure, if you’re not a list-er, it sounds like a lot of work. But I’m so used to thinking in terms of “Things To Do” that I get a little anxious if Monday rolls around and I can’t find my list of “Writing Things to Do.”

So you would think I’d get anxious when life interrupts the goals and the lists, right? But I don’t. Maybe it’s because I have The Junior Halls, and it’s impossible to always stay on track when kids (yes, even grown ones who refuse to pose decently for one lousy picture) are around. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman of a certain age. Women of a certain age seem calmer, less Oh-my-Lord-we’re-all-gonna-die-if-I-don’t-get-this-done and more Oh-my-Lord-we’re-what-was-I-trying-to-get-done?

But I think the most likely reason of all (to quote my favorite Dr. Seuss,  How The Grinch Stole Christmas) is not that my heart is two sizes too small, but that I’m pretty good at prioritizing. This past month has been hectic, what with my mom taking a spill, and me zipping back and forth to Savannah, and Thanksgiving hoopla and I don’t know what all. So. I’m just now getting to piled-up emails and manuscripts I thought I’d finish long before the end of the month.

And that’s okay. Folks are usually pretty understanding when you finally email them back. And the manuscripts will get finished, maybe by the end of December.

Maybe not. Which is my very long way of saying that I’m on a sort of semi-vacation during December because family and Christmas take priority. It’s possible that you may not see as much of me on the blog or your blogs.

Plus, you know I have this lazy streak, right? (Or you know now.)

15 thoughts on “Things-To-Do Lists and Prioritizing and The Grinch and Me

    • Why thanks, Sally. They’re a handsomely/pretty weird bunch. 😉

      (Maybe the Beneficent Mr. Hall and I will get out to your neck of the woods during December and we’ll share a grog or two!) 😉

  1. You may have two new, little followers. Daniel and Mark couldn’t take their eyes off the screen! Now I’m off to dig out “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” so they can see the whole thing. Hope your month is relaxing…December is a great month to slow down, especially since January is full of all those pesky resolutions.
    And I agree with Sally – great pic of the kids! Love it!

  2. Which finger is your daughter brandishing? Just askin’… (Actually, I know it’s Mr. Pointer and not Mr. Fun.)

    So, you rent kids so it LOOKS like you have older ones just like your friend Lisa. You Georgia gals are quite wily…

  3. I totally understand and two of my three will be coming in for Christmas and things will get hectic here too… oh wait, they already are. And I’m a list-er as you call it. I have a notebook that is my to-do list, page after page… cute kids you have there!

  4. Hey Cathy,
    Enjoy your break. I wish I were as good of a list maker as you. I used to make lists then kept forgetting where I put them.
    Hope your mom is on the mend. Stau healthy and happy!

    • Hahahhaa! I do spend a ridiculous amount of time, keeping up with my daily list (I bring it to the office, then stuff it in my pocketbook or a book, then look for it before I go to bed and make my NEW List.).

      Hmmm. I’m beginning to rethink the efficiency of that whole list thing. 😉

      Health and happiness to you and yours, Donna!

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