For Me? You Shouldn’t Have! (But Thanks for the Compliment!)

sunshineawardToday is National Compliment Day, and I’d just like to say that I think Margo L. Dill is grand! She gave me the Sunshine Blog Award because she thinks I’m a “blogger who positively and creatively inspires others in the blogosphere.”

Now, that’s quite the compliment. And I have to admit I’m feeling pretty warm and fuzzy inside right now. But there’s more to this award than a warm and fuzzy feeling. There’s favorites to ponder!

Favorite Things!


  • Favorite color: Okay, that’s tough. Really tough. I love SO many colors. But I’ll say blue, as in a Georgia blue sky on a summer afternoon in July.
  • Favorite animal: SO much easier. Dog.
  • Favorite number: I’m tempted to say my birthday number, but I’m rather fond of 5. I don’t know why.
  • Favorite drink: Oh. My. Gosh. Favorites are hard. Okay, Coke. No, unsweet tea. (Yes, I know. But it’s still unsweet.)
  • Facebook or Twitter?: Facebook.
  • Your passions: My faith, my family, my friends, my writing, my sports teams. Not necessarily in that order if one of my teams is playing.
  • Giving or getting presents: Giving is probably the nobler answer, but…
  • Favorite day: FRIDAY! I work at home now, but old habits die hard. I still get excited when Friday rolls around.
  • Favorite flowers: Why must you torture me with this favorites thing??? If I must choose, I’ll say hydrangeas. But now I feel bad for wisteria and bougainvillea and daisies and magnolias and camellias and forget-me-nots.

And now it’s time to pass along the lovely compliment. I’d like to give the Sunshine Blog Award to Debra Mayhew and Lisa Ricard Claro. Their blogs always brighten my day and make me so very glad I stopped by for a read.

But honestly, all of you brighten my day. And I’d say that even if it weren’t National Compliment Day.

18 thoughts on “For Me? You Shouldn’t Have! (But Thanks for the Compliment!)

  1. Cathy:
    This is a well deserved Blog Award! Your humor always brings a smile to my face. Go you! See you and Dave/Joe at SM13

  2. Congrats on the well-deserved blog award! Yay! I always have a hard time picking favorites too! I love so many flowers … but, like you, end up usually going with hydrangeas! 🙂

    • Kelly!! It’s SO good to “see” you again! I’ve got to dash over to your blog and see what you’ve been up to!

      (My hydrangeas are in light and dark shades of blue and violet. They’re absolutely gorgeous in the summer.)

  3. What a neat award! I’m all about trying to be more positive and it was fun to read the answers to your questions. Okay, it was more fun getting your extra two cents than the actual answers, but still. That’s why I love your blog. 🙂 Thanks for passing it on to me! I can always use more sunshine in my life!

    • What? MORE sunshine? Come on, Deborah, you’ve got Luke, and Katie, and Hope, and Daniel and Julia and Mark and um…oh! Noah! And I’ve got that ball of sunny delight, the Beneficent Mr. Hall.

      Can I borrow Noah? 🙂

  4. I’m a little late to the celebration, but I just want to throw my congratulations out to you, too! You deserve it.

    How did you become an unsweet tea lover, living in Georgia? I thought that was a West coast thing. I love unsweet tea. Add a little peppermint, and whoo-boy, it’s tea heaven.

    • Thanks, Suzanne! I know it’s a little weird–my mother-in-law thought I was from another planet the first time I asked for unsweet tea. Someday I shall tell the tale. (Sadly, it’s way more interesting that I drink unsweet tea…) 🙂

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