A Money-Making Tip for Teachers (And Creative Thinkers)

When I came across The Mailbox and this request for teaching tips, I thought of a whole bunch of writers. Because I know a lot of writers who also teach. So here’s the scoop:


Easy-peasy, right, teachers?

And then I thought, he-e-e-e-y. I know a lot of writers who have kids in school. I bet you’ve had moments where you thought, “If only Ms. Teacher would try this, I bet my kid would get it.”

So write up those creative ideas and send them along. You might be making money before you know it!

(And P.S. You might want to browse the site a bit and read The Mailbox to get an idea of their style and what they like. A little research goes a long way!)

2 thoughts on “A Money-Making Tip for Teachers (And Creative Thinkers)

  1. I LOVE the Mailbox magazine! It has so many great ideas and I’ve always thought the people who work there have the best job. đŸ™‚ I’ll have to keep this in mind as I’m prepping for a new school year – it would be fun if they used one of my ideas!

  2. I’ll bet you have a dozen ideas! Send ’em all, I say, and good luck! (And did you see where they’re looking for specific ideas in exchange for gift certificates to The Mailbox? Bet you have something for that, too!)

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