Why, Yes, Your Comments Matter

I wanted you to know that not only do I read your comments, but I also take them under advisement. So when many of you said, “get a bookmark”, I…well. You can read all about it if you check out my post on The Muffin today.

Or if you’re time-crunched, you can just take a peek at this:


And the back side:





22 thoughts on “Why, Yes, Your Comments Matter

    • I could make them into magnets, Madeline! I got a really good deal on these–I’ll see how the sales go before I invest in anything else. (You got to make money to spend money, right?) 🙂

    • Thanks, Trisha! Someday I’ll have a book of my very own and it’ll get its own bookmark. But I love writing (and selling!) stories to anthologies, so an all-purpose bookmark seemed like a good idea. 🙂

    • Yes, Margo, the Sharpie pen works great! I’m hoping that my actual latest release will be here in time for this event but if not, I’ll pull out my previously-released books and give folks a choice (and write the latest release on the card)

      I went with Vistaprint because they had A. a quick turnaround (and I needed them FAST!) and B. easy to use template. Also, I do my business cards through Vistaprint so I often have special deals. I ended up getting 100 postcards for a great price. (I checked three or four companies and the shipping was more than the bookmarks!)

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