Hurry! Get in on #GrammoWriMo

ImageSo Grammarly came up with a community-written novel to tie in with National Novel Writing Month and I thought, “What a brilliant idea!”

I think I might have even thought it with a British accent.

Anyway, then I zipped up to a writer’s retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains and was having such a wonderful time writing, and talking about writing, and researching and writing, and writing some more, that I completely forgot to spread the word about GrammoWriMo.

But not to worry! You still have one more day to sign up if you want to add your 800 words to the group effort. They’ll give you notes so your bit will make some sort of sense. Or maybe it won’t make any sense. We shall just have to see when Grammarly produces the book at the end of National Novel Writing Month.

Which begins November 1st for those of you who might have completely forgotten that as well. (Raises hand, slinks off to add a couple notes to her calendar.)

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