And We Have a Winner!

It’s a cold and rainy day here in Georgia, and so I’ve been writing, writing, writing, all day long. And I was just getting to the really scary part–you know, the part where the world turns upside down, characters start flying every which way, monkeys are zipping by–and then I thought, Cathy, you might need a break. On account of me pretty much adding The Wizard of Oz to my manuscript.

So I probably have a bit of rewriting to do. But first, I’m drawing a name for Meg Moseley’s delightful novel, GONE SOUTH. I guarantee that Lynn will enjoy every word of this Southern story, steeped in family histories.

And speaking of family histories, I’m wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, steeped in all the fixin’s, with you and yours!

8 thoughts on “And We Have a Winner!

  1. I suppose I won’t be jealous that I didn’t win the book since I’m still enjoying my Chicken Soup! And what’s the deal with the weather?!! Writing sounds like the best use of a day like this, flying monkeys or no. 🙂

  2. Yay, Lynn! And thank you, Cathy, for doing the Q & A. And I cannot wait to read your story with the upside-down world and monkeys and all. Keep writing, please, because I don’t want to be waiting too long. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. Cathy–

    The post office has dismantled Lynn’s mailbox, due to the volume of letters she writes. They’re tired of picking up stacks of letters every day that she’s sending out.

    Sooo, you can’t send the copy of the book to Lynn directly. However, I will be glad to get the book to her if you send it to me. Let me know. (I’m always helpful like that.)

  4. TOO BAD SIOUX, I received the book today! And what a surprise because I am, once again, behind on blogs… uh, yeah, Thanksgiving got in the way along with NaNo and my aunt’s 90th birthday, and a bazillion of other things… but thanks Meg and Cathy. I can’t wait to read it!

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