And We Have a Winner!

It’s a cold and rainy day here in Georgia, and so I’ve been writing, writing, writing, all day long. And I was just getting to the really scary part–you know, the part where the world turns upside down, characters start flying every which way, monkeys are zipping by–and then I thought, Cathy, you might need a break. On account of me pretty much adding The Wizard of Oz to my manuscript.

So I probably have a bit of rewriting to do. But first, I’m drawing a name for Meg Moseley’s delightful novel, GONE SOUTH. I guarantee that Lynn will enjoy every word of this Southern story, steeped in family histories.

And speaking of family histories, I’m wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, steeped in all the fixin’s, with you and yours!

The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton–And We Have a Winner!

TildaPinkertonI’ve been dashing around like…well, like Tilda Pinkerton in her magical hats! Which would explain why I’m just now drawing a winner for Angela Shelton’s fun-o-rific book, The Adventures Of  Tilda Pinkerton. But I threw all the names in–wait for it–a hat, and pulled out…


So, Gail, you’ll be hearing from me today and your hat will be winging its way to you before you can say “tinctumutation.” (It’s in the book.)

For the rest of you, you can look it up in the dictionary. (But it would be a lot more fun if you read The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton!)

Winner of The Divorce Girl (And a Consolation Prize!)

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I completely forgot about The Divorce Girl by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg. But I did not forget.

I mean, yeah, I forgot to draw the winner, but I didn’t forget about the book. And though The Divorce Girl was on my mind, I had several writing projects to finish yesterday so I was zipping along, typing, taking pictures, submitting, mailing and critiquing. Whew!

And just now, I had to wait for the Beneficent Mr. Hall to get out of the shower to pick the winner. But without any further ado, the (soggy) winner’s name is…Aspie Writer! Yay!

For the rest of you, I offer the consolation prize of a motivational trick for writing that works like magic. You can read all about it over at The Muffin.

(I know a good magician keeps the workings of her tricks secret but I think y’all deserve to know why I’m sometimes so forgetful. But don’t worry, Aspie Writer. I’m sending you an email as soon as I finish this post!)