Friday’s Fun Find: A Surprise in the Saturday Evening Post Limerick Contest

You know what I find fun in the Saturday Evening Post Limerick Contest? Being a runner up in the October Limerick contest!

(You have to scroll down a bit–no, no, keep going. Yep, there it is, at the very bottom of the page! Wheee!)

Of course, I realize that’s not as much fun for you as it is for me. But there’s another Saturday Evening Post Limerick contest going on right now, and all you have to do is come up with a clever verse for this lovely cover:



Shoveling Floral Shop Sidewalk
Illustration by John Falter
February 28, 1948
© SEPS –

You have until February 3rd to get your limerick on. Because you know what’s more fun than writing a limerick for the Saturday Evening Post Limerick Contest?

Winning it.

(Off you go! And a special thank you to writer buddy Debra who let me know about this lovely surprise!)

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun Find: A Surprise in the Saturday Evening Post Limerick Contest

  1. Thanks for the thanks. 🙂 And the reminder about the next limerick deadline! I sent one in for the October contest, and even though it didn’t win I had fun doing it. It’s a neat way to take a picture and brainstorm the story behind it.
    Congratulations on your fun find!

  2. Cathy–Do you know what is the most enjoyable way to write limericks? Write them round-robin style.

    It MUST be done at a restaurant, and drinks (alcoholic) MUST be involved. Ask your server for some extra beverage napkins. Each person in the group writes the first line of a limerick–and then passes it (to the right or left–you decide). Each napkin keeps getting passed until there are finished ones, and you read aloud the one you finished.

    In addition to the monetary gratuity, you can write a limerick for your waiter/waitress. We once did this at an Italian restaurant, and our waiter was named (really) Fabio, who certainly was not flabbio…

    Congratulations on your win. Another notch on your belt.

  3. Congratulations! Limericks are fun and a perfect outlet for your humor. I’d forgotten about this contest, but now that you’ve told me I’m going to have to try to come up with something. The short stuff is such fun.

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