You Don’t Have to be Rocky to be a Winner

ImageSomething about Nina Amir’s The Author Training Manual makes me want to play the theme song from Rocky. Maybe it’s the idea of all those exercises, training you to be an author.

Imagine yourself…at the desk (dadadaaaa). Typing (dadadaaaa). Sweating (dadadaaaa) Crying (dadadaaaa)

Yep, it’s pretty inspiring.

‘Course, first, you have to actually have the exercises. So you’ll need to buy your very own The Author Training Manual. Unless you’re Sandra. If you’re Sandra, you’ve won a copy. Yay!

Now the rest of you, get to work. (Remember Burgess Meredith? Did I sound like him? A little bit?)


7 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to be Rocky to be a Winner

  1. And of course, Stallone was an author as well, having written the screenplay/book for Rocky.

    Uh, Cathy–you picked the wrong name. I demand a re-do.

    Seriously, Sandra–congrats. It looks like a book you will really put to use.

    • It’s hard for me to believe sometimes, when I see Stallone, that he achieved what he did with Rocky. But there you go–

      As for the book, no redo’s. But the book might still be on tour. Check the Muffin for where it’s being given away. You might still have a chance to win!

  2. Congrats to Sandra! Sioux, I’ve always admired the story of how Stallone came up with the screenplay for Rocky and took it all the way to star status. Serious inspiration.

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