9 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun Find: Happy To Be Home (In My Own Little Bed)

  1. That clip was creepy on so many levels: voice that didn’t actually come from that throat, plastic face and hair, man standing around with what could be wrought iron panels (you know what I’m thinking!), and what’s with those hands??? I think this will haunt me all night! Even you or the Beneficent Mr. Hall doing a little jig on tape would have been preferable! (But I know what you mean about being in your own bed!)

    • I think that he has NO idea how creepy is he–I mean, that’s his real happy face!–is what makes me laugh, Sioux! And yes, home = happy face (though I hope my happy face is not extra creepy).

  2. You call that a fun find? That guy looks like he belongs in a Stephen King novel. I’m going to have nightmares tonight. 🙂

  3. He reminds me of a G-rated version of the very not-so-G-rated Gunther. Gunther was all the rage when my daughter was in college up at SUNY New Paltz. Don’t know who Gunther is? Well . . . just Google. *sigh* Your guy and Gunther could be cousins. Sort of.

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