Friday’s Fun Find: (Really Easy) Mexican Chicken Soup. Wheeee?

Mexican chicken soup for blog

Cooking is not usually my idea of fun, but y’all asked for the recipe of Mexican Chicken Soup, so…

A few notes first:

1. I just get a package of chicken tenders and throw them in the pot. I mean, there could be eight. Or there could be five. I don’t think it matters. And sometimes, I chop ’em up first and then dump in the pot.

2. When we got all healthy around here, I started using brown rice. I don’t think that matters in the taste department…

3. Also, as part of the health kick ’round here, I don’t add that bouillon cube of salt. But full disclosure, we’ve cut way back on salt and don’t notice it at all. You might. (We use unsalted chicken broth, too. I know, right? But that can of tomato stuff adds plenty of flavor.)

4. I do, however, dump a TON of Monterey Jack cheese into my soup. The salt in cheese doesn’t count ’cause cheese has calcium to make your bones good and strong.

You know, it occurs to me that by the time I finish making the soup, it’s nothing like the recipe. But it is easy and edible. Pretty much all I ask for in the cooking department. And remember, you asked for it, too.

Now y’all go knock yourselves out with cooking fun. (Click on the pic to read the recipe. Or don’t click and go to your favorite Mexican restaurant and order the chicken soup.)

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