D-D-D-Doggie Writer Wisdom

2014-02-13 09.03.01I am not going to lie. Baby, it’s teeth-chattering COLD outside.

And not just Hey-I’m-from-the-South-So-50-Is-Cold cold. It’s for reals cold, and that old Polar Vortex is freezing the rest of the world, too. So you need something to warm you right down to your t-t-t-t-tippy toes.

Cutie-pie Libby Hall can do that. And she’ll even give you a couple writing lessons.

A dog who can impart writer wisdom and bring a toasty warm feeling to your heart (and the rest of your chilly self)–how is that possible, you ask?

Go read all about it at The M-M-M-Muffin: Writing Lessons I Learned From My Dog. I’m too cold to t-t-t-t-type any more!

5 thoughts on “D-D-D-Doggie Writer Wisdom

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. If you ever get sick of Libby, send her on up to me!! She’d fit in a priority mail shipping box, right?

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