Friday’s Fun Find: A Goodreads Glimpse at 2014

Goodreads pic close upI opened the inbox today to find my Goodreads Year in Books!

I love Goodreads so ridiculously much! At the start of the year, I sign on to the Reading Challenge and get motivated to pile up the reading points. (My goal this year was 60 and yep, I made it!) At the end of the year, the Goodreads team gives you all kinds of stats about the books you read.

For example, I read 12,143 pages this year. Which sounds pretty impressive, even though I know about a dozen of my books were picture books. But a book is a book, no matter how small. And goodness, I read some wonderful big AND small books this year!

(Thanks to Goodreads, I can even remember them.)

Psst. What was the best book you read this year?

9 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun Find: A Goodreads Glimpse at 2014

  1. I found my GR year in books in my inbox, too – so much fun! Congrats on achieving your goal! I’m closing in on mine – 85 books.

    Hmm, my favorite book of the year? I’d really have to think about that. For now, I’ll leave you with two recent favorites = FIVE DAYS LEFT by Timmer and LEAVING TIME by Picoult, and one I just finished and really enjoyed, THE SILENT SISTER by Chamberlain.

  2. “Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradbury. There are a dozen gems on every page (really)–a wonderful book for writers to read. (It will make you yearn to write even a smidgen as good as Bradbury does.)

    • Read that book quite a while ago, Sioux, and I love Ray Bradbury. Makes me want to read it again! (You always find new gems, no matter how many times you read a great book, don’t you?)

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  4. I don’t think I can pick one! So I really liked The Fault In Our Stars, Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire, and then I also enjoyed Gone Girl. And I’m sure there are more from the beginning of the year that I can’t remember. I should be better about updating my stuff on Goodreads. πŸ™‚ Happy holidays and reading.

  5. I just updated my books on Goodreads, and I’m sure I must be missing some. But of course, I can’t think of what I may have missed now. I’m currently reading The Book Thief. It’s December 27, and to reach my goal, I need to read another 7 books this week! I don’t think that’s going to happen! Happy reading to you!

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