Another Day, Another Glitch

It’s just a normal morning in Cathy C. Hallville–a cup of tea, answering the emails, quick check of the blog–when hold on a tic.

Something on the blog does not look right. Namely, Cathy C. Hall is missing. Over there, to the right. And so I take a deep breath and think:


Because lately, there have been some awfully strange technical things happening around me which send very dark clouds swirling into my thoughts.

I want to think positive, sunny thoughts, I do. But how to explain these glitches?

Take the Muffin, a blog I contribute to over at WOW-Women-on-writing, which fell off the face of the earth when the server crashed. But I received word that it’s back, so I zipped over to see it and…nope. It doesn’t come up. Unless I click on it from one of my old blog posts. Then it comes up.

And now the disappearance of a widget from the blog. A widget that’s there–but not there.

And so rather than spend hours dealing with the glitch, I think I will spend the day writing and applying this other lovely quote:


(I used Quozio and Proquoter to make these lovely Emily Dickinson quotes. I’m kinda in love with this image-quote-making thing. I’m rather fond of Emily, too.)

11 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Glitch

  1. And not to add fuel to the fire, but Margo’s blog disappeared off the face of the earth awhile back and never returned as far as I know. Is there some kind of conspiracy against us writers?

  2. Cathy–I have a blogging friend who is crazy for Emily Dickinson, and she loved the book by Shannon Yarbrough called “Dickenstein.” (I think I’ve got it spelled right.) It’s a mash-up between the poet and Shelley’s Frankenstein. She has great taste in books, so I imagine it IS a great read.

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