Another Day, Another Glitch

It’s just a normal morning in Cathy C. Hallville–a cup of tea, answering the emails, quick check of the blog–when hold on a tic.

Something on the blog does not look right. Namely, Cathy C. Hall is missing. Over there, to the right. And so I take a deep breath and think:


Because lately, there have been some awfully strange technical things happening around me which send very dark clouds swirling into my thoughts.

I want to think positive, sunny thoughts, I do. But how to explain these glitches?

Take the Muffin, a blog I contribute to over at WOW-Women-on-writing, which fell off the face of the earth when the server crashed. But I received word that it’s back, so I zipped over to see it and…nope. It doesn’t come up. Unless I click on it from one of my old blog posts. Then it comes up.

And now the disappearance of a widget from the blog. A widget that’s there–but not there.

And so rather than spend hours dealing with the glitch, I think I will spend the day writing and applying this other lovely quote:


(I used Quozio and Proquoter to make these lovely Emily Dickinson quotes. I’m kinda in love with this image-quote-making thing. I’m rather fond of Emily, too.)