Make ‘Em Laugh (Or Just Make Me Laugh)

2009-07-12 11.53.16If you hang out here often, then you know I write funny. Though honestly, I didn’t start out to write funny. I just can’t quite write a hundred percent serious.

Lord knows, I’ve tried. I thought I could be Ms. Literary Writer of the South (or at least the Southeast). But one day I woke up and smelled the Cathy C. Hall coffee–and it tasted funny. So humor sort of stuck to me and now I couldn’t not write funny. (And yes, I know that’s a double negative. I’m making a point here, people.)

Anyway, all this to say that sometimes, I miss the comedy mark. Yes, friends, I do. But I have a couple tricks up my sleeve that get me back on the humor writing track. I wrote about them today over at The Muffin in “What’s So Funny? (Serious Tips for the Humor Writer)”.

Yep, I might write funny, but I’m a hundred percent serious about this career of mine. So if you have a tip about writing humor, I’d love to hear it. ‘Cause honestly, I’ve got a ton of edits to get to today and I could use a joke or two.

4 thoughts on “Make ‘Em Laugh (Or Just Make Me Laugh)

  1. I love how you went out on a limb and asked for others to comment with their bright jokes. Because frankly, my sense of humor is pretty dry!

    Do you have any stories about your family that are to die for??

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Oh, Marissa, I could write a book–in fact, almost ALL of the stories I sell to anthologies like Chicken Soup for the Soul or the Not Your Mother’s Book series are the funny escapades of the family. But I sneak the funny family stuff into my fiction stories, too.

      Honestly, if you know me, you’re gonna end up in something I write. Cleverly disguised, of course. 🙂

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