Friday’s Fun Find: Tweet Your PB at a Pitch Par-Tay!

file000644253440So you usually write (novels, essays, poetry), but you’ve got this really (quirky, funny, sweet) picture book, and gee, you’d just like to put it out there and see if it’s (awesome, marketable, stupid).

Well, wheeee! June 24th is your lucky day! It’s the #PBPitch Twitter Party!

Now, if you’re not on Twitter, then here’s a little motivation (and plenty of time) to get crackin’. And if your PB is not quite up to submission standards, then you also have plenty of time to get crackin’.

So polish up that pitch and let’s put on our party animal hats, y’all! (Seriously. I want that hat.)

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun Find: Tweet Your PB at a Pitch Par-Tay!

  1. Maybe I’ll work up that cute little poem I did about bubbles. It needs work, but as you said, we have until June. I always thought that would make a cute PB. Yes? No? Too long? Do you even remember it? lol

  2. Even though I don’t have a picture book idea and really never imagined myself as a picture book author….this makes me want to come up with something just to join the par-tay. Hmmm…it’s kind of like coming up with a costume an hour before trick-or-treat.

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