All You Gotta Do Is Ask

I’m a blessed person when it comes to good writing friends.

I’ve met lots of delightful writers through the years–some of them, I know only virtually–and most of them have been or are delightfully supportive, generous, and kind. Not just to me but to a whole slew of writer friends. But when it comes to asking for my support (or I imagine the support of their whole slew of writer friends), they can be maddeningly quiet, or downright apologetic.

I expect it’s because, deep down in most writers, there lurks an insecure mass of quivering thoughts. The kind of thoughts that whisper, “You’re not much of a writer, and any day now, all your friends are going to figure that out.”

But maybe we need to start whispering positive thoughts. Affirmations. Remember Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live?

Yeah, that’s what we need to do. And then we need to “Ask (Writer Friends) and Receive”. (Um…It’ll make more sense if you zip over to the Muffin now and read my post about asking our writer friends for support.)

One thought on “All You Gotta Do Is Ask

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