Finding Something Friday: A Little Art in Unexpected Places

lunch_delivery_close_loresHave you seen David Zinn’s adorkable art? I do so love his characters–they make my heart smile. And as I flitted among his pictures, I began to think what great prompts they could be for a picture book or chapter book or even a middle grade book.

Or maybe just a poem.

The point is that if I had one of the Junior Halls with me and we came across one of Mr. Zinn’s brilliant chalk art pieces along the sidewalk, we’d spend the whole rest of the day, making up a story about it.

Need a little inspiration? Grab one of your juniors and take a walk through David Zinn’s website. Or maybe just take a solitary stroll through his street gallery. You’ll be telling stories in no time!

(P.S. He’s working on a book of his chalk art–successfully crowd-funded–to come out soon! Keep your eyes peeled for flying pigs near you.)

4 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday: A Little Art in Unexpected Places

  1. Are my eyes deceiving me? I used the link you included, and the drawings I saw–those are on stone walls and outdoor sidewalks?

    Good grief. What a talented artist.

    You’re right. Pictures are great inspiration. The site that focuses on Humans of New York is also wonderful for getting people to make up stories.

    Thanks for the post, Cathy.

  2. Brilliant. This stuff floors me every time I see it. I’m a stick-figure kinda artist, and envy this kind of talent. And yes, you’re so right—this would be awesome for a children’s book!

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