Was It Fast? I Thought It Was Fast.

Holy firecrackers! Half the year is gone already! (Imagine me running around, bumping into walls) It’s just…well, that was fast, wasn’t it? Kinda puts me in mind of Jodie Foster (at the end of this clip from Maverick):

BUT this year, I’m using my Super Duper Writing Notes Idea and boy, it’s been working like a charm! (If you’ve forgotten exactly what the Super Duper Writing Notes Idea is, you can read this post on getting organized.)

And I had this thought–sort of Part Two of the Super Duper Writing Notes Idea–that at the end of each month, I’d share some of the really good tips from the month, all in one handy post for you. But…uh…I’m not so sure that I followed through on that. Still, it’s never too late to implement a good idea, so herewith a few of the great tips (courtesy of my Writing Notes, June, 2015):

1. Over at the Creative Penn, “29 Books Every Writer Should Read” (So 29 is a lot, right? Maybe just pick a few that appeal to you, but it was a great comprehensive list.)

2. Melissa Stewart’s blog, Celebrate Science, a blog for teachers, parents, and those writers interested in tackling non-fiction (specifically science) offered “21st Century Nonfiction Conference” (A handout of books, by category, that you can use as mentor texts, or just take a look at, if you’re interested in giving non-fiction a try.)

3. Anne R. Allen with Ruth Harris (and really, they have SO much good stuff at this blog all the time!) share “Edits, Editors, Editing: The Secret Weapon of Every Successful Writer.”Β It’s just packed with info, so you’re going to need a bit of time to get through it all, but editing? That’s a skill you can take to the writing bank.

So, a good slate of tips and such and not too overwhelming, I think, to start off your July writing. ‘Cause this summer is zipping by fast. (I thought it was fast. Was it fast? I thought it was really fast.)

14 thoughts on “Was It Fast? I Thought It Was Fast.

  1. Yes!!!! It was fast! I’d like to thank you for lighting a fire under me and inducing a lovely writer’s panic. What would I do without you?

  2. Great links, Cathy, especially the last one. A style sheet? I’d never heard of it, but now wish I had one for my series. Simple, and would’ve made things so much simpler than checking the character trait charts and outline for stuff. A style sheet. Gak. It’s such a simple thing. Why didn’t I think of that?

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out for our blog and for Ruth’s post on editing. .Since she was an editor at several Big Five houses, she really knows what she’s talking about!

  4. I love that video clip! But dang, that was fast. Anyhoo, I’m so glad you posted your link to the Super Duper Writing Notes Idea, because I’m going to have to mosey on over there and refresh my memory. Also, thanks for the links. I’ll be checking those out, too. You always have such fab finds!

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