Book Covers on Cakes and Steps to Publication

We have this wonderful dessert party the night before our fall SCBWI conference in Birmingham, and this year, it was extra special! That’s because we do these big sheet cakes and anyone who’s had a book or magazine piece come out in the last year or so gets their cover on the cakes. (It’s an icing sheet that goes on top of the cake.) It’s really fun and delicious, too!

wik cake pic

So this year, I had a couple book covers on the cake! (See A Gallery of Ghosts? The pink cover with the kids on front?) Yep, lots of fun stuff! And lots of people saying, “Hey Cathy? How’d you get into the Korean educational market?”

Funny story, that. Funny as in interesting, I mean. And perhaps a bit instructional. So I wrote all about it for my Muffin post today in “Three Steps To Get You Closer To Publication.” You might find it interesting, too. (I really wish I could share that cake with you, but maybe you can grab a nice cup of tea and a cookie. Happy reading!)

3 thoughts on “Book Covers on Cakes and Steps to Publication

  1. I was looking at some WIK pictures and I noticed one of your book covers on the cake. Been meaning to tell how absolutely thrilled I was to see them and say congratulations!!!

  2. Congratulations—can I say, “You really take the cake!” without earning an eye roll? (Didn’t think so.) But you do. 🙂 Exciting to have your work recognized by peers. And now I’m off to the Muffin to benefit from a little Yoda teaching.

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