A Gift Idea For the Writer

Have you ever noticed that the writing process includes a ton of road metaphors?

While writing my last post for The Muffin, I literally came up with a dozen phrases I could’ve used. It was a good reminder for me, that writing is a journey. Sometimes, yes, it can be a short little trip from idea to words on a page to publication. But more often, it takes time to produce, to polish, to sell.

2015-11-07 12.11.47Lots of time. Lots of words. And in this world of hurry-up and multi-tasking, time is something of a premium. Still, if you want premium publication, I think you have to be prepared to put in the time, and to give yourself time. It can take a while, The Publication Path, First to Last Draft, as my friend and author, Heather Montgomery shared at a recent writer’s workshop.

Maybe this holiday season, you can give yourself the gift of time: time to think, time to write, and time to appreciate the journey. Because as the song goes, “the road is long, with many a winding turn, that leads us to who knows where. Who knows where?”

But when you get there, oh, boy. It’s worth it. (Just ask any writer.)

12 thoughts on “A Gift Idea For the Writer

  1. You are so right about the time component, Cathy. I have a friend who said when her first book was published: “My overnight success only took me fifteen years.” I really do believe that writing takes a lifetime. Not only to learn the craft and polish your skills, but to find your voice and your place in the writing world. Thanks for this insightful post.

  2. Isn’t that the Holly’s that did that song? Or (gasp!) the Osmonds? Or am I totally screwing it up?

    Yeah, the gift of time is a great one to give to ourselves. (And it’s easy to wrap!) It’s just hard to find sometimes… It’s scarce.

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