The December Blues

Snowman familyDecember is a funny month for me, and not funny ha-ha. (Though I will watch Elf , maybe more than once, and laugh like crazy.)

As much I love the holidays, I feel more keenly the people who’re no longer around when December rolls in. And I’m not necessarily talking about the loved ones who’ve passed on, though I miss them dearly.

No, it’s the friends who were once in my life and now have moved away. And for me, most of those friends are writers.

Which is a good thing, I guess. I can keep up with Janice Hardy over at her Fiction University. Whenever I read Debra Mayhew’s blog posts, I can hear her voice. And Robyn Hood Black’s over at Artsy Letters, creating one-of-a-kind literary gifts and I see her in each one of them.

But it’s not quite the same as a long, chatty lunch or a night of writerly talking at an SCBWI conference, is it? And before I know it, I’m stewing in a big ‘ol mug of Blue Christmas.

Oh, great. Now I’m missing Elvis, too.

I think I need to pull myself up by my little Elf shoes and be thankful for all the lovely times I’ve been blessed to have with all kinds of writer friends, no matter where they are now.

And maybe call one of my writer friends who lives right down the road. Yeah, I think a long, chatty lunch with Lisa Ricard Claro will be just the ticket. She can tell me all about her next book in the Fireflies trilogy and I’ll celebrate with her by stuffing my face with Christmas cookies.

But I’ll watch Elf, too, just to be on the safe, holly-jolly side. So how about you? How do you dispel the December blues and get your holly-jolly back on? ‘Cause honestly, I’m starting to think about lots more writers I’m missing. And you’re probably one of ’em.

12 thoughts on “The December Blues

  1. Oh, boy. Now I feel like crying. It’s not just December that I miss you, but pretty much all year long and especially on Saturday mornings which used to be Guaranteed Cathy Time at least twice a month. 🙂 I’m so thankful for facebook and blogs, for being able to keep in touch that way. But make no mistake, I simply cannot live in a world without the occasional lunch. In other words, I’ll be back. 🙂

  2. Lisa needs a pillow? Tell her that if she grew a fat butt, she wouldn’t need no stinkin’ pillow.

    I am looking forward to two weeks off, and then perhaps some snow days in January and February (and March, she said greedily). It’s hard for me to not be giddy these days…

  3. Hi Cathy C! I guess I never knew that you get the Christmas Blues, but it surely makes sense. I was just talking to somebody the other day….don’t remember who, ’cause I tend to talk A LOT to a LOT of different people….LOL…Anyway, I was talking about how “everyone” is “supposed” to be “happy” and in the Christmas spirit this time of year…..but for SO MANY people, it truly is the saddest time of the year, for all kinds of reasons. It hits me ever so often, too, and I try to lift myself up out of it. And I also think of “Count Your Blessings” from a White Christmas!! 🙂 Big hugs to you, dear friend…and one of my blessings is that I was able to meet you in person and act silly with Cathy on a Stick!! 😀

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