Writer Friends, Shopping Bonanza

file7571234131799I flipped from the December Blues to Holiday Happy when I started writing my annual post about writer gifts!

And I have writer friend, Tracey M. Cox, to thank for the inspiration. She shared her Pinterest board of writerish gifts last week and that reminded me of my friend, Robyn Hood Black, and the typewriter key earrings that the Beneficent Mr. Hall gave me.

And that got me thinking about all my writer friends and how incredibly gifted they are and how one might do all of one’s holiday shopping, checking out the bonanza of talents they have!

And then I started thinking…well, why don’t you just zip over to “What to Give a Writer” and you’ll know exactly what I was thinking. Also, some good great stupendous ideas for your holiday list, whether for you or the writer you know.

(And P.S. You’re welcome!)

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