A December Writing Challenge You’re Gonna Love

DSCN8538I’m listening to my friend’s Christmas radio broadcast as I write here and honestly, it’s hard to not bust out into song. In fact, hold on a sec, I’ve got to rock it with Mariah Carey for a minute (hum amongst yourselves…)

Holy holly, that woman can sing. All I want for Christmas is a voice like that! And a book contract. And maybe that library cuff bracelet.

So on to the writing challenge! I promise it’s easy–way easier than say, holiday baking or decorating or wrapping presents. Much easier than wrangling sugar-infused kiddies or miniature dachshunds or the in-laws. And totally easier than actually writing…well, anything.

Just zip over to the Muffin and check out “A Giving Kind of Writing Challenge.” I hope you have fun with it, friends.

And oh! Wait! Maybe you’ll enjoy listening to BillElderRadio’s Christmas Special while you read. (But don’t blame me when it takes you twice as long ’cause you’re stopping to rock out.)




15 thoughts on “A December Writing Challenge You’re Gonna Love

  1. Wonderful Muffin post, Cathy, with fabulous ideas. So happy we’ve been able to get to know each other a little better this year. Merry Christmas and Happy 2016 to you and your family.

  2. Cathy–I’m doing the Cathy Hall (oh that’s right–that’s you!) challenge, so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the generosity you ladle out in your posts (tips, call-outs, links and snark). I guess we should enjoy your blog until you move to Korea to work full-time as a writer there?

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