Eating Kindle Crow

So I love The Andy Griffith Show and this particular episode is easily in my Top Five:

I love the humor, I love Opie, and as always, I love the message. But it’s the tag line at the end that I love the best: “Well, you and Aunt Bee are having fried chicken. And I’m having crow.”

My crow-eating story begins when Youngest Junior Hall gave me his old Kindle this Christmas.

You see, I refused to buy a Kindle. I got way up there on my high horse and declared that I would not support Amazon. No Kindle for me. No, sir.

But I had friends with ebooks and they were on Kindle. And there were free books all the time, and they were offered on Kindle. So I downloaded the free Kindle app and put it on my laptop. That was showing ’em!

Except…I have trouble reading on Precious the Laptop.

I love Precious, I do. But she’s a bit long in the tooth. She weighs a TON and she loses her zing after a couple hours and…well, snuggling up with her in bed is just not conducive to sweet dreams and such. So all those books in my Kindle library on Precious the Laptop sort of just…languished there.




And then Youngest Junior Hall gave me the Kindle. And we moved a lot of my books to that device. “Oh,” I said. “That’s nice, John. But I’ll probably never read ’em.”

“Maybe you’ll just use it for the games,” he said. “But you’ll have the books, for when you want to read them.”

“But I won’t read ’em,” I said.

“Whatever,” he said.

And then I had to go out of town for a while and I didn’t want to take my library books…so I grabbed the Kindle. And I finally finished the delightful Anywhere But Paradise by my friend, Anne Bustard. I finished it because it was so easy to read on my Kindle.


So now I owe Youngest Junior Hall one of his favorites. I reckon John will be having my world-famous mac ‘n cheese. And I’ll be eating a big helping of Kindle crow.

6 thoughts on “Eating Kindle Crow

  1. I can relate. I remember getting my kindle and being so amazed at how convenient it was to take the library with me. Now I read on the iPhone and I used to always say I would NEVER do that. The screen was too small, I thought. It’s all I read on, now.

  2. Hmm, mac and cheese…oh, sorry, got distracted. 🙂

    I don’t have a Kindle, but I have a Kindle app on my iPad mini. (I figured I’d better do something so I could read my own collections!) I still lean toward physical books, but reading on the smaller iPad is easy, almost like holding a trade paperback.

  3. Oh, Cathy, a woman of the same heart, my friend. I too swore never to get a Kindle for the very same reasons you stated (guess I am a bit long in the tooth!). But sooo many books are there now that you can’t get anywhere else. I’ll still always buy a physical book when I can, because I believe that’s more supportive to the author (especially if s/he is a friend), but I will probably break down and get a Kindle at some point. For now, I read ebooks on my iPhone. Great (and dare I say, relatable?) post!

  4. Cathy–Most of the time, it’s the physical book for me. But, on trips, there is nothing better than being able to bring along a million books along with your suitcase… A million books, and all that stands between you and the book is a couple of taps on the Kindle.

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